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Welcome to my very first blog!

Hi All,

I am excited to share my passions and my life with you. I hope to communicate in a very honest and direct way that we all can relate to. It is my hope to open conversations we never thought we can say out loud….

I am passionate for all things design. I have found that once I allowed myself to discover my passions and explore then unconditionally, without care of judgment, managing difficult situations became less overwhelming. I suppose filling ourselves with satisfaction doesn’t make us feel that our lives are being taken over when things go wrong. It’s such a simple concept but one that I personally had to work very hard to achieve.

With all that said, creating Bob and Journey was a way for me to tap into my creative side and earn an income while caring for my mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. It’s quite a difficult disease to manage and live with for everyone who comes in contact with her. It’s a circular world every minute of every day and the organizational skills and patience that are required to live with this disease is very challenging.

Thankfully I was able to find a daycare center for my mom to go to during the week. The people who choose to do this as a career are truly incredible. I cannot believe how much they can give without eye rolling! When I visit my mom , I watch for subtle signs of waning patience, but they just continue to be sweet and kind and giving! As with most non-profit organizations, they can always use more funds. I am honored to pledge 10% of my profits to them…it’s well deserved. I will choose new charities each year and with your stories and sharing your challenges, we can slowly tackle more and more organizations. I can’t wait to write and present “The Gallen Center” their first check-

If you are struggling with something like this and want to get in touch with me to team up …Please feel free to email me. I’m happy to hear from you.

Here’s my basic stats…

  • I’m 63 years old and married to my one and only husband and best friend, Michael for almost 42 years..

  • I have 2 grown terrific children and 2 grandchildren. Brooke who was my first born is married to a wonderful and amazingly kind man named Michael and they have 2 delightful kids Aidan, 15 and Bailey 19 mos., a cat and a dog. My second child is Drew and he is currently living with his very talented and terrific girlfriend- Olga. They have 4 cats.

  • As for me…Yes, I am a pet mama also ! My dogs have always taken a very large role in my life beginning from childhood. In the 1970’s I bred and showed Golden Retrievers. Now I have only 1 dog for the first time in almost 50 years. Diego, a 3 year old, Havanese. He’s delicious!!

I am going to leave you with a teaser for the next blog…

I have a fun story to share with you regarding –“The Power of a Tote”

And…. I am going to share some photo history so we can get better acquainted!

Have a great few weeks and I will be back on April 18th!

Take Care.

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