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The Power of a Tote...

Second Blog - April 22, 2019

Technology has become a powerful part of all our lives. We have the ability to connect with people daily and grow relationships in a way we never could have imagined.

Read the story below which marries a tech relationship with old fashioned advertising!

Tracy Lawler, President of JGL Food Service Consultants, shared this fun story about connecting in person and I am excited to share it with you.

“Over the years I have worked with many people in my industry that I have never had the opportunity to meet. Many of these colleagues are people I speak to or email regularly over the years; I feel as if I know them but we have not met in person. Several weeks ago I was at Newark airport and noticed the duo in front of me had tote bags emblazoned with the name Sweet Hospitality Group. The President of Sweet is one of those industry colleagues that I had yet to meet in person. I tapped the woman with the bag on the shoulder and said “excuse me, do you work for Sweet?”. After confirming not only did she work there but she was in fact Julie, the President, we hugged each other like old friends. We had a great five-minute chat as we walked to our respective gates. Her colleague was amazed that we had yet to meet but seemed to know each other so well. Had it not been for the personalized tote bag I would have walked right past Julie and still have yet to meet her. It made me wonder how many other people I have passed without meeting. I take my JGL tote with me whenever I travel now. I wonder who I will meet next?”


Thanks, Tracy story!

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