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Coloring My Own Hair, Grooming my Havanese, & Attempting My Own Toes, All While Making Face Masks!

These are 4 services that I never thought would fall into my hands. I routinely looked forward to a nice relaxing pedicure while I dropped my havanese at the groomer next door or reclaim my regular seat at the salon to cover my grey roots. Instead I am learning how to manage these little extras that I took for granted while trying to continue my life..

The extras definitely make the day fly and gives me a lot less time to stress over the possibilities

of our new normal. Even though my agenda has changed a bit, and my search for food and paper towels has become a top priority, I still find the worry sneaking into my brain.

The other morning, I was looking out the window at such a pretty scene and enjoying the moment with a slightly heavy heart. Not for the reasons I mentioned but because a familiar morning scene has been different lately. I wanted to share this story as there are sweet little moments of life that creep into our day and make us's one of those moments.

Each morning my day begins with me looking out of my kitchen window while preparing a cup of joe.

I live close to an old-fashioned town but my little unassuming area has lots of woods and ponds

and wildlife. The cacophony of tweets and whistles are lovely and soothing. It makes me smile.

In view of my window is a small little house with a fenced in yard sitting proudly parallel to railroad tracks. I watch a small blonde dog running the perimeter of the yard with its long hair blowing as she runs. Tail wagging, she seems to be a happy girl. Her owner an elderly woman always dressed in light blue sweats with a red hoodie covering her head watching her dog so lovingly.

The dog loves to howl at the train as it passes and welcomes a stick thrown and a head pat by the railroad workers.

I started to notice the absence of this little delightful morning scene. It was several weeks that I have not seen this little dog and her owner on their morning jaunts. Concerned, I started to pay particular attention to the house and the whereabouts of my favorite opening to each day.

We have been warned about Turkey hawks in the area as we have lots of huge turkeys and deer and fox running about. As urban legend goes all small animals under 60 pounds fall prey to Turkey Hawks. With their deadly talons launched they can swoop down and in seconds grab an animal and fly away. This thought turns my stomach. I have tried to learn whether these stories are true or not but the consensus is mixed. So, with my small dog, I’d rather err on the side of caution and believe in the “Myth.”

The other day as my husband and I were watching our own dog in our yard, we noticed not one but four turkey hawks playing with each other and hopping from tree to tree that hovered above the sweet little house where my morning friend lives. Their wing span is 5-6 feet so they are hard to mistake for another type of bird. Suddenly, we saw one of the turkey hawks’ swoop down in a flash and then disappear from view. We were both dumbfounded as we had the same horrible thought. Perhaps that is what happened to our morning pup.

I wrestled with the idea of going over and knocking on my neighbor’s door and ask if the dog was okay. My thought was that perhaps she had no idea as to what might have happened to her beloved pet.

I did not follow through with my thought to do so. I decided to give it some more time.

So, each morning, I very hopefully go to my kitchen window and look to see if my friend, this sweet little pup has returned. Sadly, weeks have passed with no sign of her. I did notice a cross above a dirt mound and it broke my heart. I called my husband over and we both looked on in sadness.

This morning on Good Friday, I continued my routine but today I saw the elderly woman in her usual garb standing on her deck looking over at the cross. I started to cry as it confirmed my fears that the dog was gone but I am hopeful that it was due to natural causes and not that she fell prey to the turkey hawk.

The woman stayed still at that spot for several seconds and then began to walk around her deck as if she was looking and remembering her beloved pup. I felt her pain as I know well what it feels like to lose your best friend and companion. I believe that these feelings are multiplied for a senior living alone. Pets become their purpose and their reason to keep on living.

All of a sudden out of nowhere, comes the pup running with tail wagging flying around the corner of the house and jumping onto the deck. The owner opened the door into the house and the pup ran in safe and sound.

I burst into tears of joy. What a beautiful morning….

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