How it Works

You are welcome to purchase a design exactly as shown OR ... if you prefer to design your own tote bag....please see notes below!


I display 2 different types of fabrics.

Canvas and cotton. I use the canvas for stability and sturdiness while the cotton is used to add a vibrant and fun look. Both are 100% natural materials. 

Either of the fabrics can be used together as shown on the "Signature Bag collection" or individually as displayed on the "Spring Bag collection". I strengthen the cotton fabric with interfacing so that it is a bag that stands on its own.

Personally, I love to mix the fabrics inside the bag and out for a more interesting and custom look.


Each item can be embroidered with a name up to 10 letters (on most items) or with initials.

You just select your font choice, placement and color options.

Name and/or initials embroidery is always free of charge. 


Embroidering on kids items is shown on the kids, "Design Your Own" page"

I have thousands of embroidery designs available to me, so if there is something that you are looking for please feel free to contact me and I will find it!! Embroidery designs other then names or initials may incur an additional charge. 




002-Blk-Wht-Sage Dots
003-Blk-Wht Stripes
004-Blk-Wht Cabana Stripe
005-Blk-Wht Circles
006-Wht-Blk Circles
007-Blk-Wht Geo
008-Blk-Wht Shell
010-Blk-Wht Flower
011-Navy-Wht Diamonds
012-White Navy Lines
014- Navy-Green-
015 Green-Gold-
016 Green Duck Camo
017-Grey-Wht Flowers
018-Grey-Blue Abstract
019 Grey-Wht-Linen Look
020-Grey-Wht Very Large Flower
021-Grey-Wht Funky Stripe
022-Grey-Wht Cabana Stripe
023-Grey Wht Ticking Stripe
023-Grey-Wht Poppies
024-Caramel Stripe
026-Red-Wht Check
027-Red-Wht Cabana Stripe
030-Hot Pink
032-Multi-Pink Floral
033-Multi-Vibrant Floral
034-Violet-Wht Dots
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Options and Choices

Handles and Straps

All hand held handles or shoulder cross- body straps are interchangeable.

They are part of the price of the bag unless your preference is to change what is shown on bag.

Cotton Webbing is 1 1/2" wide and is available in black, natural and red.

Webbing can be used for a short handle or long strap.

Sample of webbing shown on "Bev Bag" in Spring Collection.

Quilted Handles or Straps can be used for a short handle or shoulder cross-body strap. Sample of quilted handles are on "Denise Bag" in Spring Collection.

All handles lengths can be custom sized - just specify in the info box for the selected item if you have a preferred length.

Prices for short hand held handles

Webbing - add $5.00

Quilted add - $7.50 

Prices for shoulder cross-body straps

Webbing - add $10.00

Quilted- add $14.00

Hardware- Antique Bronze or Polished Nickel

Turn Around Time-1-3 weeks as each item is custom made

Shipping- Free of charge over $100.00 to same address


Personalization Positions

  • Front of tote: flap over pocket 

  • Front of tote: Pocket 

  • Interior pocket

  • Front of Tote

  • Up to 8 letters

Font Choices

  • Block

    • all upper or all lower case

    • upper and lower case mixed

  • Script

    • Upper and lower case mixed

    • All lower case 

    • Bella

Thread Color

  • white

  • black

  • silver

  • gold

  • navy

  • red 

  • light grey 

  • dark grey

  • tan​

There is no additional charge for personalization of your bag!

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